Begrenzter Vorrat

Ideal for endurance riding sessions.


This grip combines soft ribs in the thumb area with raised pads for optimal shock absorption and grip. Featuring a knurled pattern and ergonomic finger ramps, this grip ensures superior control and comfort on extended rides. Molded index alignment marks simplify installation, enabling riders to customize their handlebar setup with ease.

Tech Bullets

Regular (Thin): Suitable for glove sizes US6-US8.5, measures 32 mm at the soft ribs (thumb-area) and 30 mm in the area of the knurled pattern.

XL (Thick): Suitable for glove sizes US9-US11, it measures 34 mm at the soft ribs (thumb-area) and 32 mm in the area of the knurled pattern.

  • Thin: 32 - 30 mm
  • Thick: 34 - 32 mm
  • Usage: Trail/Enduro/Downhill
  • Density: 18A
  • Sizes: Regular/XL
  • Lenght: 140 mm
  • Weight: 118g (Reg)/132g (XL)
  • Colors: Black/Gum/Teal/Ultraviolet /Orange/Blue
  • Only sold in pairs (left and right grip)
  • replaceable Jarvis end plugs included
  • Lightweight alloy Lock-On clamps
  • Riders facing hardware
  • Laser etched logo and torque dimensions
  • Open end design in case for tool storage

Carbon bar users might have to trim down the ribs from our end plugs. We recommend using pliers to do so.

Nerd Facts

Our BMX-inspired Jarvis end plugs are made from durable rubber, weighting only 14g / pair.

Noch Fragen?

How do i assemble your grips ?

Each grip is left and right-hand specific.

Underneath the grip and the very end, there is a molded logo showing wich side is which grip. Unscrew the allen key bolt on your grips and slide the grip to the handlebar.

Tap end of grip to fully seat the grip.

Our lightweight alloy lock-on clamps showing you the laser-etched torque dimensions.

Use a proper torque-wrench to tighten the grips to your handlebar. We use only right-hand thread.

Can i store handlebar tools in with your grips ?

Yes, all our grips of DECLINE, ROCK'n'ROLL and SINGLETRACK have an open end in case you want to store any tools in your bar.

Does your grips comes with End Plugs ?

Yes, all our DECLINE, ROCK'n'ROLL and SINGLETRACK will be supplied with our Jarvis handlebar end caps.