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Upgrade your dropper.

The Decade Remote Lever is the easiest way to upgrade your dropper.
Compatible with any cable activated dropper, the CNC machined lever rotates on ball bearing for smooth and precise actuation.
Laser engraved torque settings complete the package.

Tech Bullets

SRAM Matchmaker X
Shimano I-spec-EV
Shimano I-spec II

  • CNC machined remote lever
  • Ball bearing for smooth actuation
  • Separated clamp design (to fit MMX or I-Spec)
  • 3 different clamping positions possible
  • Works with any cable actuated dropper.


  • 1x DEKADE remote lever with dia. 22.2 clamp
  • 1x Jagwire dropper specific cable
  • 1x Cable crimp
Nerd Facts

While the whole set weighs less than 50g, the lever without the clamp is only 36.5g, the clamp is 9.3g and the bolt is 4.1g

Jagwire's 2.3m long stainless polished inner cable is specially developed for dropper posts. The stainless cable undergoes a polishing process to remove imperfections, and it improves flexibility and further reduces friction. With no coating to wear off, these cables provide long-lasting performance.

Any Questions?

Will it work with my dropper ?

Depending on your dropper, as long as the dropper is cable actuated, it will work with our lever.

Does the lever works with my SRAM / SHIMANO direct mount ?

Yes, our Dekade remote lever is compatible to Sram MMX or Shimano I-Sec.

You only need to buy from a 3rd party the available adapter.