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Stack it up.


Complete your cockpit with this gem of spacers, machined with deep chanels to match the entire DEKADE product range, available in a wide range of polished anodized colors topped with a clean laser logo style.

Tech Bullets
  • Contains 4 spacers total
  • Complete set weighs only 16.6g
  • 2 pieces at 10mm and 2 pieces at 6mm height
  • Double-sided Laser Logos per Spacer
  • Machined from aluminum 6061 T6
  • 1-1/8" Inside Diameter
Nerd Facts

The 10mm height spacer weighs only 5.3g, while the shorter one are only 3g each. And yes, it will also fit between most direct mount stems due to its thin outer diameter of only 34mm.

Noch Fragen?

Which fork/steerer will it fit?

It will fit most forks with threadless steerers which uses a 1-1/8" stem. Doesn't matter if the fork is tapered, as the tapered part is only on the bottom of the fork.