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A pedal needs to withstand the toughest beating you throw at it. You want the best possible position for your feet and all the grip, when things get rowdy. The DEKADE provides you all of this – while looking good doing so.

Our first array into the world of limited editions and limited to 25 pairs each.

The "color" is completely anodized, each pedal will be unique, as the anodize-procedure is made by hand.


The DEKADE pedal is the ultimate blend of engineering excellence and trail-proven performance. Forged chromoly axles, double-sealed bearings and our patent pending caplock endcap ensure these pedals will hold up even under the most aggressive riders. The machined alloy body features a double platform shape that provides reduced weight and a clipped-in feel thanks to the multi-level surfaces. 

Thirty-six replaceable M4 pins maintain superior grip, maximizing the interface between shoe and pedal. Designed to give you the confidence to push your boundaries, no matter what type of shredding you do, the DEKADE is your dream pedal come true.

Tech Bullets


Offered in two sizes to fit any size rider.

Use our PEDAL-PRINT-OUT to find your size.

Warranty: 5 Years as first-time owner

REGULAR: 105x105mm | 15mm slim | 398g | Shoe size EU 37-42.5 / UK4.5-9
/ US6.5-10

LARGE: 115x115mm | 15mm slim | 430g | Shoe size EU 43 / UK9.5 / US10.5

Body: 6061-T6 Aluminium

Axle: Chromoly Steel

Pins: 18 (M4) per pedal | 36 total

Features: Caplock endcap (never gets lost again) | Pin height is adjustable by the added pin-washers

Comes with a set of replacement pins and pin-washers, 2 axle/crank washers and a Torx T15 tool for the pins.

Nerd Facts

Each handlebar will be unique, as the finish-procedure is made by hand.

Flat platform design with a concave pin layout. The thinnest area of the platform, measuring only 15mm.

Pedal size Large is recommended from shoe size 43 (EU) or larger and for people preferring the biggest surface for their foot.

Regular pedal size is recommended till shoe size 42.5 (EU) and below or for people looking for more clearance, when the rocks sit tight. 

It all depends on your riding style and shoe size.

A bigger platform offers a more stable position while riding, the smaller platform is the right choice on tight & narrow tracks.

For example: Some of our rider have shoe size 42.5 (EU) use FiveTen's Freerider on the regular platform size, while the same rider use the large platform while using Five Tens's Impact Pro. 

Therefore, we created our PEDAL-PRINT-OUT sheet where you can put your feet on to check which sizing you should go with.

Geistige Freiheit

Als Erstbesitzer erhältst du von uns eine erweiterte fünfjährige Garantie ab Kaufdatum.

Registriere dein Produkt einfach innerhalb von 30 Tagen unter RIDEAERTIME.COM und genieße sorgenfreies Fahren!

Aufs Äußerste getestet

Rough & Off-Road bereit auch unter härtesten Bedingungen.


Keine verlorenen Kappen mehr.

Vor dem Lösen der Endkappe müssen zwei Stifte entfernt werden.

Ersatz-Pin Carry On

In der Mitte der Endkappe befindet sich ein Gewinde zur Aufnahme eines Ersatzstifts.

Stifthöhe einstellbar

Eingeklicktes Gefühl.

Mithilfe der Unterlegscheiben kannst du die Stifthöhe um +/- 1 mm anpassen.

Ersatzstifte im Lieferumfang enthalten

Für den Fall, dass du welche verlierst, haben wir einen Satz Ersatzstifte für dich.


Jeder Fahrer hat andere Bedürfnisse und Vorlieben. Wir bieten zwei Größen an, um allen gerecht zu werden.

REGULAR: 105 x 105 mm | 15 mm Höhe | 398 g
Schuhgröße EU 37-42,5 / UK4,5-9
/ US6.5-10

LARGE: 115 x 115 mm | 15 mm Höhe | 430 g
Schuhgröße EU 43 / UK9.5 /

Noch Fragen?

Will you re-produce them after they are sold out ?

As the word "Limited Edition" says it all, we will not re-produce this color after they are sold-out.

How long is my warranty for the pedals ?

You are entitled to the statutory warranty for the first 24 months.

As first time owner, we grant an additional 3-year guarantee on our pedal
after registration within 30-days of purchase. This means you have an
overall guarantee period of five years from the date of purchase of the

How can I change the pin height ?

All Dekade pedals are shipped with additional washers for the pins. Just mount them under your pin-head and you can lower the pin height about 1mm.

We also include a Torx T15 tool, so you don't need to buy any new tool.

Do I have warranty if I buy the pedals used ?

As a second-hand owner, you will need the original invoice to make any warranty claims, so does the first owner as well.

If you buy a second-hand Dekade pedals, you are still entitled to the remaining term of the legal 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

However, our voluntary additional 3-year guarantee only applies to the original owner.

Which side is left and right pedal ?

Each body will have on the inner side a laser logo showing which size of platform and which side of the platform it is, so you can easily distinguish the left from the right side.

How do I mount the pedals to my crank ?

You will need a 8mm hex torque wrench and we recommend the axle is torqued to 35Nm. We also suggest using axle washers between axle and crank, which are shipped with each Dekade pedal. Please be aware there is left and right pedal side, each with different thread. Left pedal-axle uses right-hand thread, right pedal-axle uses left-hand thread. Each pedal body has a laser logo on the inside marking LEFT or RIGHT.

Can I use crank boots?

Yes, there is plenty of clearance.

Do I need to service my Dekade pedals?

No. We use long-lasting german quality IGUS bushings and double sealed industrial bearings. Our triple sealing keeps your pedals spinning for a long time. Clean your pedals after your ride to let them look fresh.

In case they start to have some play, open the axle (don't forget to remove the pins next to the end cap first), clean the axle and internals and then add new grease. Reassemble everything and go riding.

Any special tools required to service my Dekade pedals?

No. It's good to know that you don't need any special tool. A regular tool case should carry everything. You will need a proper 8mm hex key to hold the axle, our included Torx T15 wrench to remove the pins and a 6mm allen key to open the cap. The axle is fixed by a right-hand threaded 8mm nylon-nut, so you will need a 8mm socket tool as well.

I want to give some love to my Dekade pedals, which grease can I use?

From time to time, it makes sense to freshen up the pedal internals, but it's not necessary unless they haven't developed any play or noise. We recommend corrosion and oxidation-resistant lithium complex soap grease with good shear stability. Any other grease will work too, but we have made the best experience with the above-mentioned characteristics.

Do you offer any spare parts for pedals?

Yes, we have everything (really everything) for replacement. You will find it on our Pedal Accessory page.